Food & Drink History Resources @Virginia Tech (and Beyond): Early American Cooking/Cookery (1796-1850)

Special Collections in the University Libraries can help with your food & drink history research, including books, manuscript collections, ephemera & digital items. This LibGuide also includes resources you can find at other institutions.

A Short Introduction

Early American cookery can mean different things. The focus in our collection is on cookbooks published in early America and books that were published elsewhere (often England), but were available in America and had an influence on cookbooks and cooking in this country. Our earliest "published in America" cookbook is from 1798, though we have reprints of some early items. This section primarily contains some cookbooks and manuals from 1796 to 1850 by influential writers of the time, as well as some suggested readings about cooking and food in early America. 

Special Collections

Early American Cookbooks