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HNFE 2014 Research Resources: Get Started

Tips for Using Library Resources

This guide will walk you through the process of searching for, (1) identifying a research literature database, (2) using keywords to search for articles on a specific topic, (3) selecting a research article from a peer reviewed journal, (4) accessing the full text, and (5) citing the article using APA style. These methods and tools will be essential for research projects in HNFE 2014, and beyond!  

A few tips to get you started:

1. Contact your librarian for assistance, anytime!

2.  If you're doing research from off campus, find out more about Off Campus Sign In options like Google Scholar Settings or the VT LibX toolbar.  

3.  Use Summon to conduct a Google-like search of most of our library resources.  While it's not a disciplinary database, like the ones that I recommend to you on this guide, it can help you gain a broad overview of a particular research topic or question.  

4.  When trying to access articles and other resources, look for the Get VText box:



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