Art & Architecture Library: Library x Experiments

Library x Experiments Manifesto

Experiments provide access to emerging technologies and encourage play and discovery. The experiments are not meant to be fully supported tools or services, rather opportunities to test, provide feedback, and improve a concept. Follow the success or failure of our experiments on this page. We invite you to experiment with us or suggest a new experiment.

Active Experiments

Exhibitions This experiment investigates the library space as gallery space with ambitions to become a collaborative art project. Stay tuned.

Why this experiment? Exhibitions spark inspiration and creativity, and create a memorable experience for library users.


​The Looking Glass This experiment is a desktop holographic display that allows users to view digital models in a 3D environment. 

Why this experiment? There is a lot of potential for virtual reality in design but the technology requires the use of a headset. The Looking Glass removes that barrier and allows the user to create and view the 3D object simultaneously. 

Expired Experiments

3Doodler Create+ This experiment tests technology that allows users to create 3D objects with PLA or ABS filament without the use of a 3D printer.

Wht did we learn? 3Doodler is an easy to use technology that allows all skill levels to experiment with 3D making. We are adding this tool to our permanent collection. We have two available to check out from the circulation desk.


iPad Apps This experimented attempted to generate interest in iPad Apps: Affinity Designer, Interaction of Color, and Procreate. 

What did we learn? The most interest was for Procreate but not enough to add it to our iPads. Since apps are accessible to almost everyone on their own mobile device, we speculate that users would rather download it on their own than borrow a device from the library. In addition, experiments require a lot of publication to get good feedback, so there will be more of that going forward.