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CollabVT: Manage My Data

This guide will provide Faculty with information about CollabVT and will direct them to proper channels for reporting problems and providing feedback.

Manage your Data

To make changes to your CollabVT profile, log in to Elements. 

At this time, CollabVT only harvests certain data from your Elements profile:

  1. data from your Elements profile (including the profile image set in the system)
  2. publications that have been 'claimed' in your Elements profile and
  3. grants that the Office of Research has approved as not publicity restricted and supplied directly to us.

Please note: Changes made in Elements will NOT be reflected immediately in CollabVT.  If you are concerned that data in CollabVT may pose an immediate risk, please use the Report a Problem form and provide clear details as to the potential risk.  We will respond to your request as soon as we can. 

Hiding data from CollabVT

Not all data from Elements is harvested into CollabVT; at this time, only "accepted" publications and grants that the Office of Research has approved as not publicity restricted are harvested into CollabVT.  In addition, CollabVT also respects the "hidden" classification of profile information, publications, and grants.  Any object that is hidden in Elements should not show up on your CollabVT profile after the next harvest refresh. If you see a hidden object from Elements on your profile, please use our Report a Problem form. 

To "hide" an object in Elements follow these steps:

  1. Log into Elements.
  2. Navigate to the list view of publications or grants
  3. Find the record for the title you want to hide
  4. click the dark blue "eye" button  found in the row of icons in the lower right corner of the record. 

When an object has been hidden in Elements, the dark blue "eye" icon will close  and the record, though still visible, will be covered with gray stripes. This indicates that the object is hidden.

There are a few things to note about "hiding" objects in Elements:

  1. The object will not disappear from CollabVT until the next harvest. 
  2. The object will still appear on any reports that are generated through Elements. 
  3. The object will ONLY be hidden for the faculty member who hides it.  It will still be visible on the profile of any faculty collaborator who has accepted the object. 

Data Flow

All data displayed in CollabVT is harvested from the Virginia Tech Elements (EFARS) implementation.  

To make changes to your data, please log in at