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VTCSOM Library: Visitor Guidelines

Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine Library Policies

Visiting the VTCSOM Library

Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine students have 24/7 keycard access to the School of Medicine and Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital Health Sciences Libraries. The School of Medicine Library's main purpose is to support the educational and research needs of its medical students.  After hours access is restricted to VTCSOM medical students, their mentors, and their research colleagues.

As a land-grant institution, the School of Medicine Library is open to the public during staffed hours.  Staffed hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.  VTCSOM closings can be found here

  1. Community visitors must obtain a visitor pass each time the library is visited. Visitor passes may be obtained between 8 am and 4:30 pm, during staffed hours.
  2. Community visitor passes are available at the reception desk in the atrium on the first floor. 
  3. Community visitors must sign-in prior to receiving a visitor pass.
  4. Community visitors must sign-out and return the visitor pass prior to leaving the building.

Code of Conduct

Professional integrity and respectful behavior is expected at all times in the library.  Anyone who disrupts the study atmosphere of the library will be asked to leave.  Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to: creating excessive noise, harassment of others, odor constituting a nuisance or health and safety concern, and behavior that disturbs users and staff or interferes with the use of the facility.
Mobile phones must be set on vibrate or silenced.  Courtesy requires that conversations are conducted outside of the library.

Food and drinks

Food and drink (in covered containers) are allowed in the library.  However, as a courtesy to other patrons, food with strong odors is not permitted.  To protect library materials and equipment from damage, to avoid potential insect and rodent infestations, and to maintain the professional appearance of the environment, wrappers/used food containers, etc. must be disposed of in the garbage bins, and any spills must be cleaned up immediately. Paper towels are available upon request at the library's help desk. 

Access to Online Resources

Guest logins are available on 4 computer workstations.  Log-in information is posted on each computer. 

Off-campus access to online healthcare subscription resources is available solely to currently enrolled VTCSOM students and currently employed VTCSOM faculty and staff.

Borrowing privileges

During staffed hours, check-out materials at the Service Desk.  You are expected to return materials in good condition on or before the due date.  Unauthorized removal of materials from any library is a serious offense and violates the VTCSOM environment of educational integrity.  Books and equipment to be used outside of the library must be checked out at the front desk by presenting your Hokie Passport or your Carilion Clinic badge. Note, some equipment must be checked out even if you plan to use it within the library (e.g. headphones, USB drives, phone chargers).  

The following borrowing privileges are extended to borrower's in good standing.  Privileges are suspended when items are billed, and may be revoked if materials are not returned.

  VTCSOM students, faculty, and staff Virginia Tech students, faculty, and staff Community members

Total number of items

allowed on account at any

given time

4 items 4 items 2 items

30 day loan

2 renewals

30 day loan

2 renewals

30 day loan

2 renewals

Reserves - Books

variable loan periods

limit: 2 items

not available for lending not available for lending

Circulating: 1 week

Reserves:  2 days

limit:  2 items

Circulating: 1 week

Reserves:  Not available for lending

limit:  2 items

Circulating: 1 week

Reserves:  Not available for lending

limit: 1 item

Overdue items, fines, and billing

The library does not issue patrons daily fines for overdue materials.  The following chart explains the grace periods, billing, and when items are sent to the Bursar.

Item type Fine accrual rate: Account blocked:

Billing (includes a $20 processing fee)

 occurs at:

Sent to Bursar:
Books None 15 days overdue 45 days 60 days
DVD's and daily Reserves None 2 days overdue 5 days 7 days
Equipment (See equipment page)      

If items are not returned by the end of the grace period, the borrower's account will be blocked. No items will be checked out or renewed, including the overdue item(s) during this time. Patrons may still return the item without incurring fees until the item is billed, as noted in the timetable above.

The above does not apply to equipment or reserves. For these items, the grace period lasts from its due date until the end of the period listed in the 'Account Blocked' column above. Once the account blocked status has been reached, fines will accrue.  Hourly items will not accrue time during periods when the library is closed.

If you cannot find an item that has been checked out to you, contact the library for information on providing a replacement. This option is sometimes less expensive than paying for the billed cost through the system, but this must be done before the bill is sent to the Bursar.