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Big Deal Subscriptions: Home

This guide shows cost and use of three of the University Libraries' largest ejournal packages.

Subscription disclosure data

The University Libraries at Virginia Tech is paying close attention to what is happening in scholarly publishing across the globe. Over the last thirty years the cost of journal subscriptions has increased 500 percent, far outpacing libraries’ annual budget increases. 

Much of the research conducted at public universities and published in expensive subscription-based scholarly journals is funded by tax dollars — in the form of faculty salaries and federally funded grants. Research is produced for the public good, but it is not always available to the general public who paid for it. This is where open access or public access to research will change the traditional landscape of publishing research.

As University Libraries prepares for renegotiating the Elsevier Freedom Collection (expiring December 2021) we are undertaking a comprehensive analysis of available data about the Freedom Collection and our other large journal packages. We plan to share data we've collected with the university community and our negotiating partners. In this guide we're providing some preliminary data about three of our largest big deals: Elsevier Freedom Collection, Springer, and Wiley. Additional information will be posted to this guide or to the Libraries' website.