CS 4784 Research Resources: Searching Databases

Information Evaluation Criteria

As you decide which resources to include in your research, here are some things to think about:

Authority:  Who wrote it?  What sort of expertise do they have in this area?

Coverage:  Is it relevant to your topic?  

Objectivity:  Is there any bias?  If so, how much?

Accuracy:  Is the information correct?  Is it in alignment with other research findings or articles?  

Currency:  When was your resource produced?  Does this matter for your topic?  

Recommended Databases

VT's University Libraries has nearly 1,000 databases!  In order to select the databases most relevant to your research topic, it can help to visit the Computer Science subject guide, which will point you in the right direction, in addition to highlighting basic reference texts related to CS.  

I also recommend that you include the following databases in your search, after browsing the CS Subject Guide for some initial ideas:


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