World history: Current resource trials

The University Libraries is committed to providing the Virginia Tech community with the information that it needs, and so we keep an eye out for new resources that may fill gaps in what we provide. Each semester, the Collections and Technical Services department organizes trials for databases that currently aren't in our collections. With trials, we can gather feedback from the community about potential new resources before we fully invest in a subscription or a purchase. Below, you can find more information about trials and links to active trials.

Resource Training Sessions

Information about resource training sessions for any active trials is available below.


How do I request a trial for a resource?

The best way to request a trial is by contacting the librarian that is the liaison to your subject area. To find out who your liaison librarian is, head to our research guides and find the libriarian associated with research guides in your area.

Most trials seem to be for databases. Can I request a trial for a journal?

Unfortunately, we are rarely able to arrange trials for journals. However, if there is a journal that you wish to see the library subscribe to, please still contact your library liaison with your request.

How long are trial resources available?

Most database trials are for 30 days. Occasionally, the trial period may be shorter or longer, depending on the provider.

When does the libraries run trials?

October, February, and sometimes in April.

Is there a way to provide feedback on a resources that the libraries is currently trialing? 

Yes! Each trial database on the A-Z Databases page will have a link to a feedback form on the description. You can can also always contact your library liaison with any feedback you may have.

Active Trials

The University Libraries organizes trials for potential new resources in October, February, and April. Active trials are listed below.