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Library of Material Culture: Home

The Library of Material Culture (LMC) is a collection of design objects collected and curated by Bill Green, Associate Professor in Industrial Design. The library serves as a teaching collection of examples of design from the Prehistoric to the Modern eras. The collection features the evolution of design and promotes the study of good design among emerging designers.

What We Collection

The LMC documents the evolution of design objects. The collection offers researchers and the public a holistic view of design and varies broadly. It is organized by theme or designer. The Library of Material Culture gives global coverage of the history and practice of design, from prehistoric times to the present day.  This includes such things as chairs, technology, jewelry, architecture, and other artifacts of daily life.  The library also holds a large collection of associated reference materials and rare books.

Who We Serve

The LMC works with scholars, students, researchers, and members of the general public. The collection is available to everyone through an appointment. We are expanding our reach to serve emerging and existing designers globally through an ongoing digitization effort.

Bill Green Lecture

Shaving Paraphernalia Exhibt

Plastics Exhibit

On the Spiritual in Art by Wassily Kandinsky, First Edition

Kodak Box Camera

Pedagogical Sketchbook by Paul Klee, First Edition

Roman Mold Pressed Ceramic Bowl