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Grant Writing and Statistics: Finding statistics

Where can I find demographic information?

Census. gov is the best place to find United States demographic statistics.  One quick way to get started is to go to the site ( and then go to the Quick Facts link and select your chosen state.  This will bring up a list of statistical tables.  You can further narrow your information by cities or counties.  There are also links to different areas of statistics at the top of the web page.  These include population, economy, geographical information, maps and infographics.


Where can I find crime reports?

Other Statistics

Where can I find educational statistics?

The National Center for Educational Statistics is a federal agency responsible for collecting and analyzing educational data.  Data &Tools and FastFacts dropdown menus can be found just under the title bar.  The Tables & Figures under the Dat& Tools menu brings up a search box. Information on individual public schools, colleges and universities and private school can also be found here.

Tips on using this site can be found here

I need information on health and disease statistics

The Centers for Disease Control works hard to protect our country from health and safety threats.  Besides being a source of information on many different disease and health issues, the CDC is the primary source of health and safety data. The Data and Statistics link can be found under the More CDC Topics drop down menu near the top of the web page.  Information for searching the CDC can be found here.