GEOG 3404: Mountain Geography Course Guide: Discipline-specific resources

This goal of this guide is to provide a starting point and recommend resources for students in GEOG 3404 to use in their course projects.

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The first list of databases on this page will help you find sources relating the physical aspect of your mountain, the second list will help you find information about the cultural aspects of people living in that area. 
Note, you will not find "one magical source" that will address everything about your topic.  It is up to you to synthesize the information you find from these sources in a cohesive manner for your project to "demonstrate the integrated and adaptive nature of human and physical systems in mountains across the world.
  • In order to access any library resources remotely, first click on the "Off Campus Sign In" service on the upper righthand corner of this page, login with your PID/password to authenticate, then click on the resource listed below.
  • If the item you need is something we do not have as part of our collections, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan.
  • Email Kiri or use the "Ask a Librarian" service if you need help!
Use the search statements you created from the second tab of this guide and copy/paste them into the database(s) you select below.  It's a good idea to search more than one source, and you may find you'll need to adjust some of your terms.  For the databases that provide multiple search boxes, as the search builder created your search statement using parentheses, you can copy/paste the full string into the first search box and not parse it out for each search box.

Physical Geography Aspects

Cultural Geography Aspects

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