Multimedia: A Guide for HIST 5964: Copyright, Public Domain and Creative Commons for Multimedia ReUse

Resources discussed in class

Staying Organized: When writing a journal article it is important to keep track of your sources so that you can properly cite quotes and ideas belonging to others. Likewise, it is important to keep track visuals works - and their Terms of Use - for your digital story. A simple spreadsheet or GoogleSheet such as this example may be helpful.

Essential Foundations of OER: Open Licensing. "Get Creative: On the origin and adventures of the Creative Commons licensing project"

Intro to Copyright, Creative Commons, Public Domain etc.

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Creative Commons Tracks are Free - When You Give Credit

Thousands of original tracks that can be used freely in YouTube videos, remixes, mobile apps, games, and more. Depending on which Creative Commons license the artist has designated, some tracks can even be used commercially (CC BY but not CC BY NC)! The only requirement? Attribution.

  CC BY                     CC BY NC
Allows Commercial Use          Noncomercial Use Only

How do you Attribute?

1. GIVE CREDIT. Be sure to give credit in the video or app or game itself. Attribution is currency! For example, if you use cafe connection by morgantj, Attribute in the actual video or game or app: 

Music "cafe connection" by morgantj featuring Morusque

2. LINK BACK. Attribution requires you link back and helps the artist get credit. For example, in the YouTube description field or on the webpage where you embed your video or have folks download your app, the Attribution link should like this:

Music "cafe connection" by morgantj featuring Morusque
Available at


3. NAME THE LICENSE. Include the type of the CC license designed for the track, and link to it. The examples above do that on the last line. This explains to others how CC licenses work. 

Music "cafe connection" by morgantj featuring Morusque
Available at

Under CC BY license

FOR EXAMPLE: This information is provided by CCMixter "Creative Commons Tracks are Free - when you give creditCC BY-NC 3.0

Where can I find. . . .

Items with Creative Commons Licenses

Use CC Search to locate CC-licensed music, images, and more.

CC-licensed music for videos

CCMixter and YouTube instructions for remixing using CCMixter

Jamendo (music) (see terms of use for each album)

Folktunes Archive (music)


Items in the Public Domain

Books (Project Gutenberg) Terms of use


Wax Cylinder Preservation Project (late 1800s/early 1900s) Follow licensing/terms of use. (CC BC NC 2.5)

Petrucci Music Library  

Images, books, film, audio from The Public Domain Review (click on "Collections" for more options)  [See: Public Domain Complexities ]


Find even more!

LibGuide for images and attribution