VTechData Help Page: User Actions

Welcome to the VTechData Help Page. We will be updating these pages with current information based on reported issues, so if you have problems please reach out to us by emailing vtechdata@vt.edu.

VTechData Dashboard

The VTechData Dashboard will allow you to navigate through uploading, describing, organizing, and publishing your data. You can move through each of these processes in any order you choose.  

Upload allows you to deposit files into the VTechData repository.  Please carefully read the Deposit Agreement and check the box before uploading.  DO NOT upload any secure, sensitive, or confidential data.  If you need assistance with determining whether your data is secure, sensitive, or confidential, or if you would like to anonymize your data, please contact us at vtechdata@vt.edu.  Although you can keep your data private, VTechData is not a secure data enclave. 

Describe allows you to provide detailed, high-quality, accurate information about the files you upload.  This information, known as metadata, ensures that your data will be discoverable and accessible in the repository.  Our Support Documents page provides more information about the metadata for Items and Datasets in VTechData. 

Organize allows you to group Items and create Datasets.  A Dataset is a set of data Items that represent a project or phase of a project. A well-curated dataset should contain not only the data, but also a document or readme that describes each file in the set, including how the data was collected and processed.  Code or algorithms used to process or transform the data could be included as text or executable files. 

Workflow: Archiving Your Data