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Copyright Clearance Center Guide: Content Not Covered

Best practices for the classroom and workplace. Does our license allow you to photocopy or electronically distribute copyrighted materials to your students, staff or co-workers?

On this page:

Copyright Clearance Center Academic License - Permission to Use - Not Allowed

1.   Go to​    .

2.   Enter the ISBN/ISSN, for example ISBN 9781284036794


3.  Look in the How can I use this content box.  The red circle with a backslash means the uses described are not allowed. 



4.  Click on the View more ways to share link for a description of what is not allowed.




5.  To request that Copyright Clearance Center apply to the publisher for coverage, click Request Coverage and complete the form.



See the Fair Use Evaluator for information on using copyrighted material in the classroom.