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Library Statistics: Elsevier: Elsevier Billing

Elsevier Subscriptions and Billing

Understanding Elsevier Billing


Virginia Tech subscribes to more than one collection type through the publisher Elsevier.

Our yearly invoice includes the following line items:

  • Complete Freedom Collection Fee
  • Electronic Subscription Fee
  • Science Direct Collections Fee
  • Book Series Titles Fee
  • Book Series Packages Fee
  • Societies Fee
  • Seminars Fee
  • Clinics Fee
  • Cell Press Collection Fee

The Freedom Collection subscription cost is one negotiated along with six other Virginia research universities:  Virginia Tech, UVA, VCU, JMU, ODU, GMU, W &M.  This group is referred to as the Virginia Research Libraries (VRL) group.

Elsevier does not provide one figure that completely represents the cost of the Freedom Collection, nor does the Freedom Collection have its own invoice.

The actual total for Freedom Collection equals the "Complete Freedom Collection Fee" + a portion of the " Electronic Subscription Fee" + a portion of the "Science Direct Content Fee.  To arrive at the portions of the latter two fees, acquisitions staff must parse out individual title list fees and manually calculate the portion devoted to the Freedom Collection.

All other line items costs are dependent upon our VRL Freedom Collection contract.  All those line items are discounted because of the Freedom Collection contract. 

Elsevier Environment