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LibX Virginia Tech edition

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LibX Virginia Tech Edition is a browser extension that provides direct access to Virginia Tech library resources. It features:

  • Support for off-campus access: Using the Off Campus Sign In service, you may reload a page through the proxy, or follow a link via the proxy, making it appear as though you are coming from an on-campus computer. This is a great time-saver if you have reached an article or ebook, but forgot to sign in. Simply click VT's shield icon in your toolbar to reload it through Off Campus Sign In.
  • Toolbar & right-click context menu: Search the catalog, Discovery Search, WorldCat, and more databases directly from the LibX toolbar or using the right-click context menu.
  • Support for xISBN: A book title can have different ISBNs for the paperback, the hardcover, even for different editions. LibX supports OCLC's xISBN service: you can find a book, given an ISBN, even if the Newman Library holds this book under a different ISBN.
  • lib x embedded cuesSupport for embedded cues: LibX places cues (sample cue) in web pages you visit if the libraries have resources related to that page. For instance, book pages at Amazon or Barnes & Noble will contain cues that link to the book's entry in the catalog or Discovery Search. Cues are displayed at Google, Yahoo! Search, the NY Times Book Review, and other pages. Watch this screencast for examples of this cool feature.


If Firefox displays a message "To protect your computer, Firefox prevented this site... from installing software on your computer.", press the button labelled "Edit Options..." and click "Allow" add to the list of websites from which extensions may be installed. Then click "Ok" and visit the "Install" link again.

Firefox extension security

The latest version of Firefox disables unsigned extensions. Firefox also has a many-months backlog of extensions waiting for approval, including LibX. Until this approval is granted, the default configuration of Firefox will disable LibX.

Workaround: Go to about:config and search for xpinstall.signatures.required and toggle it to false.


LibX is distributed under the Mozilla Public License. The copyright is held jointly by Annette Bailey and Virginia Tech.


By using this extension you may send the URL of pages you are currently visiting to the Virginia Tech library catalog server. Such information is sent only if you are actively using the extension; it is never sent automatically. Although we currently do not use this information, our privacy policy states that we may use this information in the future to improve our services.

If you wish to avoid this you must turn off the referrer URL by setting network.http.sendRefererHeader to 0 in your preferences.

For more information about LibX, visit the LibX homepage. LibX is available for customization by other libraries.