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VOSviewer Visual Example

Term co-occurrence map showing the frequency in which terms occur across titles and abstracts published by faculty in the psychiatry department

This is a visualization that represents the terms mentioned in titles and abstracts published by faculty in the VTCSOM Psychiatry Department. The larger the term or node, the more often that word occurs across publications. The connections or links between nodes/terms represents the number of times terms occur together in the same publication. The color represents the average number of citations received by publications that mention those terms. Overall, the number of publications represented here is 1,433 from a year range of 2010-2019.

Please also note that the terms in the top part of the visual, which indicate lower citation impact on average, likely need to be analyzed on their own, since the publications with those terms likely represent a different field or sub-field in psychiatry, whereas the terms in the bottom part with seemingly more citation impact represent research that focuses more on neurology and the brain, an area of research that tends to receive more citations on average.

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