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SCALE UP Room - Newman 100S: Home

SCALE UP Classroom for large groups

SCALE UP Technology

Features of the SCALE UP classroom:

  • Eight 70" monitors
  • A portable Samsung document camera
  • A wireless lavalier microphone for the ceiling speakers
  • Eight round tables with built-in power and connections to the room's A/V system
  • Floor-to-ceiling wrap-around magnetic whiteboards
  • A Laptop cart with 22 ASUS Ultrabooks
  • Seating for 72 students
  • Room Capacity (Fire Code) - 103

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SCALE UP Information Video

SCALE UP Pedagogy

The SCALE UP classroom is a different kind of classroom, that does not lend itself to lectures.  With the only seating being around large, fixed tables, and no "front" or "back" of the room, there is no set place from which an instructor can lecture.  The idea here is that you can present lesson material via the eight large screen displays and have students work in groups at their tables.  Students can also tap into the system via connections at each table so that they can share with the others at the table, or so that the instructor can show a group's work to the entire class.  The A/V system in the room is what is called a "matrix-switching" system.  There are nine inputs into the system (nine places that you can plug a laptop or other device into the system), and up to eight outputs.  It is all controlled via a touch screen control panel.  You simply choose what input (laptop) you want to show, and then choose which displays will show it.  There are instructions mounted on the shelf next to the control panel.

A/V Control System Tutorial

Stuff You Need To Know

Room Codes:

  1. To access the locked closet - 1&5 (same time), then 2, then ENTER
  2. To access the A/V control panel - 33125 OR 31415, then ENTER

If You Have Problems:

  1. First, consult the mounted "Cheat Sheet" at the shelf.
  2. Call Neal Henshaw @ 1-8576

Phone Numbers for Classrooms:

  • Newman 207A: 1-3975
  • Torgersen 3310: 1-7994
  • SCALE UP: 1-6489