ENGE 1215 / 1216 Research Resources: Citing

IEEE Style Manuals

Other Citation Resources

Although you're required to use the IEEE citation style for this class, you may need to use other styles for different classes. Virginia Tech Libraries has a special webpage dedicated to helping you figure out how to cite in different styles:

Citation and Style Manuals

Here, you'll find information about APA, MLA, Chicago, and frequently used citation styles. 

Why Cite?

Aside from avoiding plagiarism, why should you cite? What's important about creating good citations, especially in the academic world?  Watch the video below, produced by the NC State University Libraries, for more information. 

IEEE Citation Example

Click on the image below to view an example of IEEE citation style in an IEEE journal. If you have any trouble viewing the file via the image below, a PDF is available at the bottom of the box. 

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