Human Development Research Resources: Introduction

This site contains guidance for conducting Human Development research, from introductory courses through research methods and capstone courses.


Human Development studies how humans learn and develop, from birth through old age and in many specific contexts. Researchers might look at how children are affected when their parents are incarcerated or how close friendships change as we grow older. The field mixes principles of psychology, sociology, and health to study and improve people's daily life experiences. 

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Writing in Human Development

Scholars and professionals in human development write in a variety of genres. Scholars may write literature reviews, journal articles, book reviews, and books. All of this writing will be based on and incorporate scholarly literature and human development theory. Professionals working in human services will often need to write content related to their jobs, such as client reports, reports for an organization, client histories, and grant applications. 

As a student in human development, you'll be asked to read and to write in a range of these genres.