Systematic Reviews & Meta-analyses: Data

Guidance on conducting systematic reviews and meta-analyses.


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Data Extraction

At a minimum, Data Extraction includes: Study Characteristics; with particular detail related to characteristics, Outcome Measures of interest, and Results that you may use in data synthesis.

Data Extraction Planning:

  • Develop and pilot test a form for data extraction to:
    • Ensure that you are including a prompt to pull information you will need to describe the studies and for data synthesis/analysis
    • Test and ensure inter-rater reliability in extracting data from studies 

Data Extraction Elements:

  • Consider your research question components and objectives
  • Consider your study eligibility (inclusion / exclusion) criteria
  • Study characteristics - This information, or a summarized version will form a preliminary table summarizing all included studies, titled as (or similar to): TABLE 1 - Study Characteristics. Examples of characteristics included:
    • Full citation 
    • Location
    • Duration
    • Objectives
    • Intervention / object of study
    • Study Design and Methodology
    • Outcome Measures
    • Results