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Manage your Scopus Author Profile

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Find your Scopus Author ID

A Scopus Author ID is automatically generated the first time one of your publications is indexed in Scopus.

In Scopus, search for your name or one of your indexed publications and go to your Author Details page*

*Accessed by clicking on your name when it appears in a search results list, a source document details page, or a document details page

Update your Profile & Merge IDs

After you search for yourself in Scopus, you may or may not have multiple Author IDs in the results. If more than one Author ID is associated with you, select the ones that are you, and then select "Request to merge authors." Only do this is you are 100% certain these IDs are for the same author; it is much more difficult to un-merge authors than to merge them. 

Screenshot of how to merge authors in Scopus

If you don't need to merge Author IDs, you can select the author, and then in the bottom right-hand side of the screen, select "Is this you?" to claim your Scopus Author ID.

If you requested to merge Author IDs, you will have to wait until this has been completed; you will receive an email of confirmation in a couple days. Wait until this is complete to claim your new merged Scopus Author ID.

Claim your Scopus Author Profile screenshot

Edit your Profile

This is optional, and you should do this if there are inaccurate documents listed under your profile, if you want to search and add documents to your profile, or if you want to select a different name preference or affiliation. Keep in mind, this cannot be freely edited; you can select the name variation based on how the publishers have listed your name and affiliation. 

Connect to ORCID

From your Author Details page*, click on ‘Connect to ORCID’. This will open the Scopus - ORCID merging process (you will be prompted to login or create an account with ORCID.)

*Accessed by clicking on your name when it appears in a search results list or from selecting the author from an author search, a source document details page, or a document details page.

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