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For researchers, scholars, teachers, extension agents, students, and others, this guide highlights options to share your work and get to know others with like interests.

Communicate your Research

Science communication is a hot topic these days, and it can be defined generally as the communication of scientific research, knowledge, and ideas to the general public through various information channels, such as social media, mainstream news media, blogs, podcasts, radio, documentaries, and so on. Although science implies only fields in the hard science disciplines, it can also include disciplines in the social sciences and humanities.

Science Communication funnel

Showcase your Work

  • Professional Websites
  • Kudos
    • Maximizing dissemination and engaging readers: The other 50% of an author’s day: A case study,” T. Green, 2019
      • This article explains how to best use the Kudos platform to improve discovery of your scholarly publications, reach large and more diverse audiences (as well as the public) outside of your own field, how usage statistics across multiple platforms can be misinforming and even misleading, and the best tips for dissemination and promotion channels to boost the downloads of your publications. 
    • Promote your work and provide nontechnical titles and summaries of your research to broaden your readership
    • Ability to share your works via other platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, emails, etc.) directly from Kudos
    • Evidence suggests that promoting work on Kudos increases the rate of downloads by 23%
      • Kudos publication pages tend to get picked up more frequently on search engines after sharing, leading to more page views and downloads on the publisher's article page.
    • Provides insightful usage data to help you see when and which channels provide the most traction for promotion
    • Provides citation-based metrics from CrossRef
    • Provides altmetrics from

Host a Podcast

  • Web Post: 8 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms 2018
  • Requires a higher lever of time-commitment
  • Appropriate for those dedicated to communicating their research to the public & a lay audience

Resources for Effective Science Communication

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