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UH 4504 SuperStudio: Evaluating Sources

For today's class, we'll be using the 3 sources you brought with you about your topics.  Download the worksheet that we'll be using in the activity.

General Evaluation Criteria

There are several types of evaluation criteria that can be implemented when reviewing a source for its credibility, authority, reliability. The basic areas to examine include:

1) Coverage
          What aspect of your topic does it cover?
          What makes this useful compared to another source on the topic?

2) Authority

          Who wrote it?
          What is their level of expertise regarding the topic?

3) Audience
          Who was it written for? (this can also help determine level of potential bias)        

4) Objectivity
What viewpoints are covered?
          What is the tone of the language used?

5) Accuracy
          Can you determine where the author gained his/her information from? 

          Are there other sources that have similar findings?

6) Currency
          When was the information produced?
          How does that publication date fit in with what you need?

Comparing Popular & Scholarly Sources

Credible Source?