Food System Resources: Online Conversations

Information about food systems, including current endeavors connected to Virginia Tech and the New River Valley community.

Here is a list of online conversations that are happening right now. If you feel that you are a part of this space let us know and we'll be happy to add you!

Our Food System: Advocating for a Change 

 Blog: Kylie has been working for 15 years as a Public Health Nutritionist and her purpose is to transform the food system by empowering people to changes their actions to create a better planet in which we live on.

Community Gardening 

 Blog: Lenny Librizzi has worked on community gardens for 24 years and wants to share his experience, information, and opinions with others who are also interesting in community gardening.

                           Hunger Blog

Feeding America Logo Blog: Insights on solutions and contributors to hunger, and the lives of Americans in need from Feeding America and network food bank staff and guest contributors.     

Community Gardens: Different Types 

 YouTube Video: This video was produced by the Department of Communications at Kansas State University and explains the different types of community gardens, along with the pros and cons of each type. 

 Food System Thinking 

 YouTube Video: This video was produced by the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future to educate the public and advocate on food system issues, one being easy access to healthy foods. 

 Sustainable Food Production- Virginia Tech 

 YouTube Video: This video was produced by Virginia Tech describing local and sustainable food systems


undefinedFood Talk with Dani Nierenberg on Food Tank

Podcast: Dani Nierenberg consults with chefs, experts, and activists regarding food systems and talks through how a food system is more attainable. Enjoy listening wherever you are able to get podcasts!

Thriving Farmer

Podcast: Michael Kilpatrick hosts farmers as they talk about sustainability and practices in which they have observed and done and wants to share the tips and tricks he's learned. He explains the sustainable agricultural systems to his audience, and how it's essential to get the world back on track. Enjoy listening wherever you are able to get podcasts!

undefinedWeathertop Farm

Podcast: Farmer Sledge also known as Cedric Shannon uses philosophy and reflects on how raising and eating rotationally-grazed meats is a much better way to address many issues within farming. These podcasts are suggested to be listened to in chronological order as ideas build on each other. Enjoy listening wherever you are able to get podcasts!

 Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE): Virtual Farm to Table

 Webinar: an educational webinar that anyone can get involved with! Each webinar is posted on the program page with a link to register to attend over the zoom application. You may get involved and ask the speaker questions during the broadcasting or watch afterward on the link posted.

For more, check out their Soil, Conservation, and Place Video series on youtube!

Virginia Farm to Table 

 Facebook Page: If you're on facebook, you might consider joining this group to network and stay up to date on food system conversations in Virginia!