Qualitative Data and Analysis Tools: Qualitative Training and Consultation

This guide describes workflows and tools for collecting, transcribing, analyzing and sharing qualitative and mixed methods data.

Training and Consultation Options

All Virginia Tech affiliates have access to at least 3 different types of assistance with qualitative data and software:

  1. Online learning modules and tutorials available from publishers, web pages, or subscription databases
  2. Online or in-person real-time workshops led by our Data Education team
  3. Group or 1-on-1 consultation with a University Libraries data consultant

More information on each option, including relevant links, is provided below. For further assistance, please reach out to Nathaniel Porter (ndporter@vt.edu).

Self-paced online learning

Sage Research Methods Online

Sage provides video learning modules, case studies, and a variety of ebooks and other resources related to qualitative and mixed methods, project design and implementation, and research workflows. These include many handbooks on how qualitative research is used in specific disciplines (and you can limit your search by discipline at the left). This is a great place to start if you're new to qualitative research or are looking to expand your methodological toolkit. One useful tool is the Methods Map, which allows you to browse different types and aspects of research to find descriptions and related resources.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning modules are short, practical video training available to Virginia Tech affiliates on specific topics, and can be completed with or without a LinkedIn profile. The 100+ modules related to qualitative research cover both general principles and topics like qualitative market or learning design research.

Additional resources

For software questions, we recommend searching the support page of your preferred software program or reaching out directly to dataservices@vt.edu.


University Libraries offers a variety of workshops on qualitative research, with most workshops offered approximately once per semester. Topics vary but include:

  • Collecting and transcribing audio and video data
  • Principles of qualitative coding
  • Using spreadsheets for collaborative qualitative coding
  • Qualitative research with
    • NVivo
    • Atlas.ti
    • Dedoose
    • Taguette
    • QualCoder
  • Sharing, finding and reusing qualitative data

Additional workshops that may be relevant to qualitative research cover topics including survey software, evidence synthesis, citation managers, and the Open Science Framework.

Upcoming workshops are open to everyone and are typically listed 1-2 months before the beginning of each semester. Virginia Tech Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students can find workshops and register through the Professional Development Network, while anyone can register through the Libraries Calendar. Inquiries about workshops can be directed to Data Education Coordinator Nathaniel Porter (ndporter@vt.edu).


Qualitative data and software consultation is available at no cost for individuals or groups through University Libraries Data Services - including assistance with research design, data collection, transcription, analysis, tools, and data sharing. To get assistance, email dataservices@vt.edu or book an online or in-person (Newman Library) consultation for "Qualitative data and research" through the library appointment system.

In addition to consultation on research projects, we also provide support and consultation for classroom teaching with qualitative data and tools. However, we are not able to make licenses for commercial qualitative software available for classroom or researcher use at this time. To request a workshop or guest lecture, visit the workshop menu and complete the form there. For other pedagogy support, please email dataservices@vt.edu.