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What is DataViz?

Data Visualization = Data + Design


Visualizing data can be a complicated task; this LibGuide will collect information and resources related to visually representing information and data in order to enable the creation or retention of knowledge.

Effective data visualizations present complicated information quickly, in a way that can be easily understood by specialists and non-specialists alike. 

Glossary of Visualization Types

Visualizations can be categorized by what they visualize, how they visualize, and the audience to which they visualize.  Occasionally these categories go hand-in-hand.  

Scientific Visualizations - include specific diagrams of scientific data, and often represent processes with spatial componenets; often are created for a highly knowledgeable and specialized audience

Information Visualizations - are general representations of information, including statistical charts and graphs usually representing tabular datasets; these visualizations are often seen in scholarly publications

Infographics - a genre of visualization aimed at engaging a non-specialist audience with specific content through a combination of highly effective design principles, creative choices, and interesting information content. 

For more information, see Zoss, Angela. Introduction to Data Visualization. Duke University Libraries LibGudes

Information Design

Interesting Visualization Resources

Visual Analytics

Visualizations can be static, dynamic, or interactive; often, dynamic or interactive visualizations can be used as analysis tools to reveal new information about data.