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Advanced Research Skills Program Spring 2024: Welcome!

A guide for participants in the Spring 2024 Advanced Research Skills Program

Thank you for your interest in the Advanced Research Skills Program! While we'll be using Canvas and Portfolium throughout the program, this page will serve as a resource for information about the program, including the workshop schedule (below) and answers to frequently-asked questions. 

While this is an established program, we have made some changes to it! Because we recognize that students are juggling hectic schedules, this year's program is available online! This means students taking evening lab courses or tight schedules have the flexibility to fit this series into their schedules! 

Students need to complete six modules, which become visible on January 23, 2024:

  • Using Data & Information Ethically 
  • Managing & Organizing Data 
  • Managing & Organizing Information 
  • Writing Successful Proposals 
  • Sharing Your Research 
  • Becoming A Researcher 


Workshop Schedule

All workshops will be held online via Canvas. 

Becoming a researcher 

Participants will receive content created by the Coordinator of the Office of Undergraduate Research, explore opportunities available to VT students, identify potential mentors, and explore strategies for locating a mentor, such as crafting an email. 

Presenters: Keri Swaby and Amanda MacDonald 

Using Data & Information Ethically 

Participants will discover methods of ethical data use including in-text quotations, citations, consent, misconduct, human subjects training, and IRB information

Presenter: Anne Brown

Managing & Organizing Data  

Participants will explore data management principles, practices, and tools alongside strategies to consider when working with research data of all shapes, sizes, and formats

Presenter: Anne Brown and Amanda MacDonald 

Managing & Organizing Information 

Participants will learn about citation managers such as EndNote, Mendeley, and Zotero for managing and organizing your citations, research articles, and other research information

Presenter: Lisa Becksford 

Writing Successful Proposals

Participants will practice drafting proposals and abstracts for publishers, conference organizers, and grant funders, as most require proposals and abstracts before publishing, accepting, and/or funding your research

Presenter: Amanda MacDonald

Sharing Your Research 

Participants will walk through the process of planning, designing, developing, printing, and presenting your research by creating a poster, activating your ePortfolio, and perfecting your elevator pitch

Presenter: Kelsey Hammer and Amanda MacDonald 


Advanced Research Skills Program Coordinator

Profile Photo
Amanda MacDonald
560 Drillfield Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Office: Newman Library 3043