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Virginia Tech Common Book Project: The Other Wes Moore: Developing Your Topic

Developing Your Topic


Are you having a hard time coming up with a topic for your research?

The Other Wes Moore touches on many issues that would make for interesting and engaging research projects. 

Some possible themes to consider include:

  • education inequality / the school-to-prison pipeline 
    • select possible keywords:
      • schools, race, criminal justice policy, educational attainment, environmental factors, urban schools, education reform, at risk youth, education system
  • race and social inequity / concentrated poverty
    • select possible keywords:
      • wealth gap, redlining, housing policy, environmental racism, mass incarceration 
  • gang violence
    • select possible keywords:
      • crime, youth and violence, identity development, juvenile violent behavior 
  • single motherhood
    • select possible keywords:
      • single parents, single mother, adolescent mothers, absentee fathers, custody, poverty, household, maternal identity, parenting, caregiver, family structure

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