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Library Help: English 1106 Toolkit: Additional Materials

Teaching Materials

This page includes sample lessons, videos, and handouts for ENGL 1106/1204H. Resources below are organized around some of the core concepts and skills involved in the research process. These provide starting points and examples (not a one size fits all model) for librarians preparing to teach a workshop for English 1106/1204H, as well as course instructors looking to further integrate information literacy and research concepts into their classes. **Read more on using and adapting these lessons**

Developing a Topic with Background Research

Developing Keywords

Lesson: Developing Keywords (and using keywords to explore concepts) [allow 10-15 min]

Keyword: Basics  (VT)
Keywords to Databases (VT)

Types of Information: Popular and Scholarly Sources

Lesson: Popular and Scholarly Sources [allow 15-20 min]
The Information Lifecycle (UNLV, linked with permission) 
Scholarly, Trade, and Popular Articles (UWF, linked with permission)

Information Source Types
Choosing a Resource

Evaluating Information

Lesson: Evaluating Sources [allow 20+ min]


Evaluating Information from the Web (UWF, linked with permission)

Evaluating Your Sources (UNC) 


Fieldwork Assignment

Project Information Literacy

Ever Wonder about Students' Research Habits?

Project Information Literacy (PIL) is a large-scale, national study about early adults and their research habits, conducted in partnership with the University of Washington's iSchool. Tune in and watch a short video about PIL. Read PIL's FAQ to learn more about the study's objectives. Read a summary paper about findings from PIL's ongoing research.