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VTechWorks Policies

VTechWorks Policies document the practices that provide the infrastructure to the repository. These and other policies apply to content directly deposited into VTechWorks, to content ingested into VTechWorks in other systems, and to content automatically

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Reproduction of a person's likeness

VTechWorks contains images and video recordings of Virginia Tech presentations and events. The following policies govern reproduction of a person’s likeness.

  • Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students automatically agree to let Virginia Tech capture their likenesses under their agreements with the university upon employment and matriculation. Therefore, permission to film members of the Virginia Tech community is not required at university-related events, although such permission can be requested as a courtesy.
  • For events including non-Virginia Tech individuals, release forms signed by any speaker who features prominently on the recording must be deposited with the recording itself. Any such recording unaccompanied by a release form will be withdrawn from VTechWorks.
  • For non-Virginia Tech individuals who are minors, a completed media release form must be on file before any medium is created. The minor’s parent or legal guardian must sign the media release form along with the minor.