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The Open Science Framework (OSF) at Virginia Tech: What is the Open Science Framework (OSF)?

This libguide introduces you to the free research management platform, the Open Science Framework. To access OSF, visit


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Ginny Pannabecker
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Subjects: Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Systems Biology
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What is the Open Science Framework (OSF)?

The Open Science Framework is a free, open source project management platform that helps researchers manage and share their research. 

Why should I use OSF as a member of the Virginia Tech Community?

Project Management. OSF works with many of the tools you are already using as a researcher.  It can integrate your documents in Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. Your data management plan developed with the DMP Tool.  Your scripting at GitHub and Amazon Web Services. Your impact data from ORCID and Google Scholar. OSF supports the entire research lifecycle!




Reproducibility.  OSF was created by the Center for Open Science, which has a mission to increase the openness, integrity and reproducibility of scholarly data.  OSF provides options for researchers to register their OSF projects, meaning you can create a time-stamped version of your project that cannot be edited or deleted.  These registered projects can be made public or embargoed, and for each registration, you received a DOI. OSF promotes best practices around reproducibility, transparency, and research data management.  


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How to I log into OSF?

Virginia Tech has its own instance of the Open Science Framework.  Simply, go to 

Sign in with your VT credentials or your ORCID.  


Getting Started

OSF manages information and data from ...