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Persistent links for library resources: Index

Persistent Links are URLs that connect users directly to an article, ebook, ejournal, or library database by clicking a link embedded in a webpage. Persistent links can be useful when creating syllabi, online reading lists or bibliographies, and other research tools. Persistent links can assist instructors in complying with copyright rules when downloading an article from a library database and making it available through a Canvas course or departmental website may not be allowed by the database vendor's contracts with the university. Linking to these articles also provides the University Libraries with more consistent usage statistics for our databases. Please click on the tabs above for Discovery Search, catalog records, and DOIs.

Exceptions to copying the URL

For the majority of our resources, as long as you begin on the library's website, you can copy the URLs from your browser for individual articles, ebooks, streaming videos, and other formats. Listed here are the primary exceptions to that method: these resources don't have URLs you can copy and paste for others to use.


Click through the article's or ebook's title to see its full record. On the right side of the screen is a list of icons. Use the Permalink icon, then the persistent link will display above the document's title.


Factiva doesn't directly support persistent links, but you can manually construct a link to an article. Search for an article, using the full article display, scroll to the end of the article and locate the accession number which will look something like this - RNKE000020090402e54100005. Enter that accession number into the form below and click Convert to get the persistent URL.

Factiva Persistent Link generator



When viewing a full-text article, click the CITATION/STABLE URL link at the top of the screen. Then copy the provided "Stable URL."


View the Ovid Full Text article. In the Output box on the right of the screen, click the Email Jumpstart link (not the Email Article Text link). The persistent link URL is listed as Your Jumpstart URL is