ENGE 2094: Create!: Ideation & Innovation: Getting Started

Welcome! This guide is intended serve as a resource as you conduct research for your projects in ENGE 2094. Feel free to contact Lisa, the Engineering Education Librarian, with any additional questions you may have. 

Using Discovery Search

To search across all of Virginia Tech's books and ebooks and about 80% of our articles, enter your search terms in the main search box on the library homepage (circled below): 

Discovery Search box

Check out the video below for more details on using Discovery Search: 

For additional information about using this resource, visit guides.lib.vt.edu/discoverysearch

Keeping Track of Searches

It's really important to keep a record of the searches you do for a project to help save time and frustration. Keeping a record is particularly important for group work. The spreadsheet below can be used to keep track of your searches as well as other key information. The second page of the spreadsheet also contains an example. To use, follow the instructions to make a copy or download it as an Excel spreadsheet. 

Recommended Engineering Databases

Virginia Tech Libraries has over 700 scholarly databases that you can search. Because your research for projects for this class may cross over into multiple subject areas, you can begin by browsing our subject guides, which will point you to the best 4-5 databases for a particular research topic.  

Here are three databases that may be helpful. Each of these databases contains information related to science and engineering, and should give you plenty of options to choose from as you search for articles.

Engineering Education Librarian

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