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Physical collections

The libraries have a number of collections beyond the books and journals in the stacks. Several are kept at the Newman Circulation Desk or have shorter checkout periods. See our borrowing privileges page for details.

The library has a large collection of literature in languages other than English. The P call number range contains histories of languages, dictionaries, and literature (both in the original language and translations in English).


Once you know the call number range for a given language, you can browse in that section for novels, poetry, and other literary works. The spine should give an indication if the work is in the original language or is a translation (but flipping through a book will tell you exactly what language it's in). Major language call number ranges are given below, but see the Library of Congress classification for more complete listings. Within each language, most are sorted so more recent publications have higher call numbers, so if you are looking for recent publications, start at the end of the range.

Call number range Language
PA3051-4505 Classic Greek
PA6000-6971 Classic Latin
PB1001-3029 Celtic languages
PG290003698 Russian
PG6001-7446 Polish
PJ5001-5060 Hebrew
PJ7501-8517 Arabic
PK2151-2212 Hindi
PK5400-6599 Iranian/Persian
PL700-751 Japanese
PL950-998 Korean
PL950-998 Chinese
PL8009.5-8014 various African
PM401-501 Native American
PQ1600-2726 French
PQ4860-4926 Italian
PQ6650-6726 Spanish
PT2660-2728 German
PT5881-5881 Dutch
PT8174-8177 Danish


You can search the library catalog or Discovery Search for literature in other languages. If you are looking for a known work, start with an author search. You can then limit in either search engine to works in a specific language.

If you are looking for literature in general for a given language, start in the catalog. Use the Advanced Search screen, put an asterisk (*) or a genre term like romance in the keyword search field, limit to item type book, and limit to the language you want. Usually, if a work is in the original language and is not a translation, the main title entry displayed in the search results will be in that language.


If you think a work in a language other than English would make a good addition to our collection, please use our Suggest an item for purchase form.