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We subscribe to over a million ebooks. Most of our ebooks are PDFs, and require no additional software. See each entry for formats and restrictions.

The Virginia Tech Libraries have subscribed to a number of ebook packages, giving us access to hundreds of thousands of books online.

All allow reading the ebook through the browser, and many allow downloading for offline reading or transfer to a mobile device or dedicated ebook reader. Most of our ebooks are PDFs, and thus require no additional software to view. See each entry for formats and restrictions.

All of our ebooks can be found through Discovery Search—that is the best place to start a search for ebooks. Each provider indexes ebooks differently; some are full-text indexed, and will return results when your search terms are found anywhere in the ebook. Others are indexed only at the bibliographic level; your search terms must match the title, author, subject terms, or sometime table of contents listing to show up in the results. Remember, the search functionality available at each ebook platform typically allows for full-text searches, and other advanced options.

Search ebooks by title

Search the Ebook Title Database

Use Discovery Search to search for books on a topic | Find specific sources of ebooks

The Ebook Title Database includes all the ebooks to which we subscribe, plus many open access ebooks that anyone can access. You can search by the specific title of a ebook or its standard number (ISBN). It does not search the text within those ebooks.