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Library Statistics: Interlibrary Loan: ILL

Questions about data?

If you have questions about the data or visualizations, scroll down to About the Data.

Borrowing and Lending

ILL Demographics

About The Data

  • Totals for Interlibrary Loan Requests include requests from libraries, Get It Now,  Reprints Desk, and Purchase on Demand requests. The total does NOT include ILL items extended to our users. The total reflects the total reported to ARL, per their instructions. Totals pulled from OCLC is not all inclusive of ILL productivity.
  • Desktop Delivery  items not included in our overall total for ILL Borrowing. Desktop Delivery includes requests from print collections by our own patrons. The request is pulled and scanned and sent to patrons. This requests are typically for print journal articles. Document Delivery include some items from desktop delivery, and items for extended users ( these items could be from our library or others). 
  • Totals for areas, such colleges and departments, include the total number of individual of patrons making requests from that area. The total does NOT include the total number of requests made by that department. 
  • Total number of digital vs print borrowing will not equal total borrowing in the first chart because of orders unfilled, filled with our own collection, or other anomalies. Percentages based on borrowing total of 32,389.