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VTCSOM Acronyms: List

This guide has been developed to provide meanings (and at times context) to acronyms you may come across while at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, Virginia Tech, and to some degree, across the field of medicine. 

If you come across an acronym that isn't listed on this page that you think should be listed, please email us at so it can be added (even if you don't know what it stands for, let us know it exists and we'll find out what it means!).

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AAMC = American Association of Medical Colleges

ABMS = American Board of Medical Specialists

ACCME = Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education

  • Accredits organizations that provide continuing medical education for physicians.

ACE = Accredited Continuing Education

ACGME = Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education

ACGME Competencies:

  1. Practice-Based Learning and Improvement (PBLI)
  2. Patient Care and Procedural Skills (PCPS)
  3. Systems-Based Practice (SBP)
  4. Medical Knowledge (MK)
  5. Interpersonal and Communication Skills (ICS)
  6. Professionalism (PROF)

ACR - American College of Radiation

AI (multiple uses)

Acting Internship 

= Appreciative Inquiry

Artificial Intelligence

AMA = American Medical Association

APGO = Association of Professors of Gynecology & Obstetrics 

APIApplication Programming Interface

  • a mechanism to connect two or more systems

AR (multiple uses)

= Augmented Reality

= Away Rotations

AY = Academic Year


B&B = Boards & Beyond

  • 3rd party educational product VTCSOM provides a subscription to medical students to augment and enhance learning outside the classroom

BIC 1 = Block Integrated Curriculum 1 

  • VTCSOM committee that works on preclinical (Phase 1) curriculum and learning experiences (M1 & M2 students). 

BIC 2 = Block Integrated Curriculum 2

  • VTCSOM committee that works on clinical (Phase 2) curriculum and learning experiences (M3 and M4 students)

BOG / BOTG = Boots on the Ground

BS = Basic Sciences


CARE = Clinical Awareness Reflective Experience

CAS = Customized Assessment Services

  • NBME exam format that will be used in IFS course as part of curriculum starting in summer 2024

CBME = Competency-Based Medical Education

CBSE = Comprehensive Basic Science Examination

CC = Clinical Competency

CCI = Community and Clinical Immersions

  • One of five new courses starting in 2024 for preclinical section of curriculum that contains LACE and BOG.

CCT = Course Continuity Team

  • Oversees IFS course

CK = Clinical Knowledge

CLE = Community Learning Exchange

CM = Concept Maps

CME = Continuing Medical Education

CNH = Children's National Hospital

CNRIC = Children's National Research & Innovation Campus

COI = Conflict of Interest

COW = Case of the Week

CQI = Continuous Quality Improvement

CRCH = Carilion Roanoke Community Hospital

CRMH = Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital

CS = Clinical Science(s)

CSE = Clinical Skills Examination

CSRPS = Center for Simulation Research and Patient Safety

CST = Core Strategy Team

CY = Calendar Year


DCI = Data Collection Instrument

DEI = Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


EBE = End of Block Evaluations

ECE = Early Clinical Experience  

  • Former title for VTCSOM's longitudinal immersion course that contains LACE and BOG. Will not be officially used going forward in the curriculum post-2024, but acronym exists in some draft materials and pre-2024 curriculum documents.

EGS = Emergency General Surgery

EHR = Electronic Health Record

EMR = Electronic Medical Record(s)

EMS = Emergency Medical Services

EMQ = Extended Matching Question (exam question type)

  • Question type typically used in exams to test applied knowledge and diagnostic reasoning skills.

EOB = End of Block

EPA = Entrustable Professional Activities 

EPO = Educational Program Objectives

ERM = Error Reflection Method

  • Method/worksheet to use the information from quiz/test results to focus on the "why" a response was incorrect in order to address the underlying cause of the error.


F = Fail (grading)

FBRI = Fralin Biomedical Research Institute

FSMB = Federation of State Medical Boards

FTE = Full Time Equivalent 

FY = Fiscal Year


GME = Graduate Medical Education

GI = Gastrointestinal

GR = Grand Rounds

GU = Genitourinary



H = Honors (grading)

HCE = Health Care Ethics

HCP = Healthcare Professional

HEENOT = Head, Ears, Eyes, Nose, Oral, Throat

HEENT = Head, Ears, Eyes, Nose, Throat

HMA = Harmonized Milestone Assessment

HP = High Pass (grading)

HPI = History of Present Illness

HSIS = Health Systems & Implementation Science

  • Department within the VTCSOM

HS&T = Health Sciences & Technology (campus)

HSS = Health Systems Science

  • Includes the study of how healthcare delivery systems provide high quality, high value care to the patients and populations they serve and the teams of healthcare professionals from a variety of disciplines who work together to deliver this care.

HSSIP = Health Systems Science and Interprofessional Practice

  • One of the four domains of the VTCSOM 
  • One of five new courses starting in 2024 for the preclinical curriculum 

HST = Health Sciences and Technology


ICE = Integrated Case Exam

ICS = Interpersonal and Communication Skills

IDR = Interdisciplinary Rounds

IDT = Interdisciplinary Teams

IFS = Integrated Foundational Sciences. 

  • One of five new courses starting in 2024 for preclinical section of curriculum that contains BS and CS.

IP (multiple uses)

= Intellectual Property

= Interprofessional Practice 

  • Refers to teams of healthcare professionals from a variety of disciplines working together to deliver high quality healthcare

IS = Illness Scripts

ISA = Independent Student Analysis




LACE = Longitudinal Ambulatory Care Experience

LASSI = Learning and Study Strategies Inventory

LCME = Liaison Committee on Medical Education

  • National organization responsible for accrediting medical education programs

LCME DCI = Data Collection Instrument 

LCME ISA = Independent Student Analysis

LEAC = Learning Environment Advocacy Committee

LLM = Large Language Modeling

  • Often used for AI computational applications, seeing an increase of this type of technology being used in medical settings (e.g. medical records)

LO = Learning Outcome(s)

LOD = Letters of Distinction


MCC = Medical Curriculum Committee 

MCQ = Multiple Choice Question(s)

MD = Physican (Medical Doctor)

MDT = Module Delivery Template

MK = Medical Knowledge

MMI (multiple uses)

= Maximum Medical Improvement

= Multiple Mini Interview

  • Series of short assessments used to evaluate "soft" skills such as communication, teamwork, cultural sensitivity, and collegiality

MOA = Memorandum of Agreement

MOU = Memorandum of Understanding

MSK = Musculoskeletal 

MSPCC = Medical Student Performance and Promotion Committee 

  • This VTCSOM committee has the ultimate responsibility for overseeing the student professionalism system.
  • They have the delegated the responsibility for overseeing all processes by which students are promoted, evaluated, or removed from their academic program.

MSPE = Medical Student Performance Evaluation

  • A written transcript of the student's performance in medical school and a required component of the residency application.


NBME = National Board of Medical Examiners

NBME CAS = NBME Customized Assessment Services

NCAT = National Clinical Assessment Tool

NCAT-EM = National Clinical Assessment Tool in the Emergency Department

NLP = Natural Language Processing

NM = Nurse-Midwife/Midwives

NP = Nurse-Practitioner(s)


OCaPE = Objective Structured Clinical and Practical Exam

OR&I = Office of Research and Innovation

  • This group has oversight of all of Virginia Tech's research activities for the university (IRB, IACUC, sponsored programs, compliance, etc.). 

OSCE = Observed Structured Clinical Examination

OVPRI = Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation 

  • Previous name of Virginia Tech's office that oversees all aspects of research for the university (IRB, IACUC, sponsored programs, compliance, etc.). This is a common acronym on several grants and extensions. 


P = Pass (grading)

PA = Physician's Assistant

PBL = Problem-Based Learning

PBLI = Practice-Based Learning and Improvement

PCPS = Patient Care and Procedural Skills 

PE = Physical Exam/Examination

PENs = Physical Examination Notes

POC = Point of Care

POCUS = Point of Care Ultrasound

POMI = Profession of Medicine Identities 

  • One of five new courses starting in 2024 for preclinical curriculum
  • 2-week immersion course, incorporates CARE 

PROF = Professionalism

PT = Physical Therapy


Qbank = Question Bank (exam prep tools)

QR (code) = Quick Response (code)


R&I = Research & Inquiry

RFA = Request for Application

  • Often used when applying for grant funding

RIC = Research & Innovation Campus (Washington DC; Children's National Research & Innovation Campus)

ROS = Review of Systems


SACS = Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

SADME = Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education

SBA = Single Best Answer (exam question type)

  • Question type typically used in exams to identify gaps in your knowledge. 

SBP = Systems-Based Practice

SCHEV = State Council of Higher Education for Virginia 

SDOH = Social Determinants of Health

SIM = Simulations 

SOP = Standard Operating Procedures

SOAP = Subjective, Objective, Assessment, & Plan

SSO = Single Sign On (for logging into VT resources)

SP = Standardized Patient

SPAL = Special Projects Anatomy Lab

SWOT = Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats


TTR = Transition to Residency


UME = Undergraduate Medical Education

URiM or URIM = Underrepresented in Medicine

URM = Underrepresented Minority

US = Ultrasound

USMLE = United States Medical Licensing Examination

  • The exam administered by NBME and is comprised of three separate exams (steps)

Step 1 assesses the basic sciences skills and concepts taught during pre-clerkship curriculum. 

Step 2 CK assesses clinical knowledge and skills that can be applied to patient care under supervision.

Step 3 assesses in-depth clinical knowledge and decision-making to be able to care for patients independently. 


VIAL = Virginia Intercollegiate Anatomy Lab

VR = Virtual Reality

VT = Virginia Tech

VTCSOM = Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine



WAC = Wellness Advocacy Committee

WBA = Work-based Assessment




#s (Acronyms that start with numbers)

2FA = Two-Factor Authentication

  • Authentication step required to log into all VT-associated accounts - Canvas, Library resources, etc.