Art & Architecture Library: Library x Social Justice

The Art & Architecture Library and Social Justice

The Art & Architecture Library at Virginia Tech is committed to raising awareness and providing a platform for conversations on issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity. We do this by recognizing the history of underrepresented communities through our collections and exhibitions, organizing discussion panels that unpack uncomfortable topics, and providing access to resources so that our community can be better informed. We hope you will join us.

Racial Justice

Below are links to prominent writings and near-exhaustive lists of resources at the intersection of race and art, architecture, and design. 

African American Design Nexus | Explores the intersection of design, identity, and practice

Anti-Racism, Equity, and Inclusion Resources Archive | Crowd-sourced resources collected by AIGA Design Educators Community

Black Landscape Matter by Kofi Boone in Ground Up

Black Lives Matter | Collection of Essays by Architectural Historians and Organized by Aggregate Architectural History Collaborative

Mapping Inequality | Interactive map that visually represents redlining in New American Deal

Race and Architecture: Studying the Historical Intersection of Form and Culture | A Blog by Charles Davis

Race/Space Reading List | Extensive crowd-sourced list started by Anna Maria Leon at the University of Michigan


SAH Booklist


Intersections: Cross-Disciplinary Conversations on Social Justice and the Built Environment

The Intersections series is a collaboration between the College of Architecture and Urban Studies Diversity Committee and the Art & Architecture Library. It seeks to bring experts whose research address a topic from different angels to spark a conversation and bring change. Below are links to recordings of past events.




Aging and Place



For Whom? By Whom? 

The Art & Architecture Library in collaboration with the School of Architecture + Design is embarking upon a set of actions to collectively examine the relationships between design and equity. We are galvanized by the events of Spring and Summer 2020, namely the horrific killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. However, these conversations are long overdue, and will continue past Fall 2020. For Whom? By Whom? will reach across the different disciplines of the School, through actions such as public talks, film nights, reading groups, and exhibits. We welcome every member of the community – students, faculty, and staff – to participate and contribute.

Below are featured resources from the Art & Architecture Library to help us all become more informed.