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Virginia Tech Data Repository: Inclusion In DMPs

Inclusion in Data Management Plans (DMPs)

Virginia Tech researchers or Principal Investigator (PI) may want to include, in research proposals or planned research projects, the use of the Virginia Tech Data Repository and associated curation services for data deposit and publication.

The following language provides information requested by funding organization and agencies about data repositories and their associated services in data management plans. It can be included, in whole or part.

If these plans include the deposit of a large dataset, e.g. greater than 100 GB, please contact to inform the Virginia Tech Data Repository administrators. If the repository administrators are not made aware of your plans they may not be able to execute these plans appropriately when the time comes. Furthermore, there may be a need for you to budget for data deposit and curation.


“Datasets selected for sharing will be published and made openly accessible through the Virginia Tech Data Repository managed by the University Libraries at Virginia Tech. The Virginia Tech Data Repository highlights and provides access to data generated at Virginia Tech, and is indexed in the Registry of Research Data Repositories. The system relies on item/dataset level metadata as the primary building block to data discovery, access, and reuse. Published datasets will be made accessible for the foreseeable future but at least for five years.

University Libraries’ personnel provide advice and some assistance on organizing, documenting and otherwise curating research data to improve its discoverability and reusability. The original and curated datasets are published according to best practices developed by the University Libraries and accepted by the disciplinary communities. The Virginia Tech Data Repository also provides researchers persistent digital object identifiers and data citations for published datasets. Datasets are made available with a Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0).”


Last modified 11 January 2024