Virginia Tech Experts: Provide Feedback

This guide provides help documentation for Virginia Tech Experts, a searchable public profile system with faculty and graduate student scholarly & creative works, teaching, professional activities, and more.

Feedback Survey

Feedback Survey about Virginia Tech Experts

Questions on this form:

  • What do you like or find useful about Virginia Tech Experts?
  • What do you find difficult or confusing about Virginia Tech Experts?
  • What concerns do you have or changes would you like to see (if possible) prior to Virginia Tech Experts becoming available to the public?
  • What future changes would you like to see for Virginia Tech Experts (if possible)?
  • How is the 'how to' library guide for Virginia Tech Experts? Does it provide enough information? What's missing? What's confusing? --
  • What additional feedback, comments, or questions would you like to share?
  • If you like, share a contact email and we'll respond to your specific questions or comments