Virginia Tech Experts: About Virginia Tech Experts

This guide provides help documentation for Virginia Tech Experts, a searchable public profile system with faculty and graduate student scholarly & creative works, teaching, professional activities, and more.

What is Virginia Tech Experts?

Virginia Tech Experts home page screenshot. Text on this page includes: Virginia Tech logo, and a headline message: Welcome to Virginia Tech Experts - Advancing our Global Land-Grant Mission - Discover Virginia Tech research and experts across disciplines

Welcome to Virginia Tech Experts: Advancing Our Global Land-Grant Mission

Discover Virginia Tech research and experts across disciplines

Virginia Tech Experts (

is a searchable profile system providing a public facing view of researchers, scholars, educators at Virginia Tech, along with their publications, research interests, teaching, and additional activities. You can search profiles by keyword or leave the search box blank and select 'Search' to browse profiles, and to see filtering options. For example, you can filter profiles by Unit / Department, by Availability to engage in activities such as: mentor graduate students, provide expert commentary, collaborate on research, speak on a panel, and more. You can also filter profiles by subject tags.

Virginia Tech Experts supports identifying potential collaborators and discovery of research, scholarship, creative works, and areas of specialization and expertise across disciplines. 

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Communication Strategy

The Implementation Team is focusing on an initial roll-out communication strategy including the following from Fall 2021 - Summer 2022: 

  1. increase awareness of Virginia Tech Experts profiles including where the information comes from and how to update their profile and make it visible.
  2. encourage Virginia Tech employees and graduate students to visit their profiles, check their information, and publicly display their profile on Virginia Tech Experts
  3. clearly show directions for updating information, and for hiding information when desired so that it is not shown in Virginia Tech Experts
  4. provide options to offer feedback on the system and report problems. 

Virginia Tech Experts Phased Rollout Plan

Virginia Tech Experts rollout timeline - This Image shows 3 boxes in a horizontal row with arrows point from box 1 to box 2 and from box 2 to box 3.   -Box 1 text:  Internal Access   	 	•	Via VT network or via VPN
 	•	Spring - Mid-Fall 2021
 	•	Feedback & Adjustments  to system settings
 	•	Training, initial data curation support
 -Box 2 text:  Public Access  	 	•	Mid-Fall 2021 -  Summer 2022
 	•	Broader outreach & communication
 	•	Feedback & Adjustments
 	•	Support & Workshops
 	•	Showcase event
 -Box 3 text: Ongoing:   	 	•	Fall 2022 and going forward
 	•	Events and showcases
 	•	Training
 	•	Feature Improvements based on feedback and as possible in cooperation with providing company