Emerging Leaders 2016 AASL Project: Further Readings

This guide was created for the 2016 AASL Project for Stefanie Metko's EL project. PLEASE DON'T DELETE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.


Parenting in America (Pew Research Center; Dec 17, 2015)

This detailed report by the Pew Research Center offers insights into current parenting practices and outlooks for the modern American family in its many forms. The report covers five major areas:

1. The American Family Today

2. Satisfaction, Time, and Support

3. Parenting Approaches and Concerns

4. Childcare and Education

5. Children's Extracurricular Activities

America’s Families and Living Arrangements (U.S. Census Bureau)

This annual collection of demographic data from the U.S. Census Bureau includes information about the residents of each housing unit and how they are related.

1. Current Data [See Latest Releases > Detailed Tables

Various tables that include information collected during the most recent U.S. census.

2. Historical Time Series

Historical data available in graph and table formats.

Coresident Grandparents and Their Grandchildren: 2012 (U.S. Census Bureau; Oct 2014)

This report examines households in which grandparents and grandchildren live together, including grandchildren under the care of a grandparent-maintained household.