ETDs: Policies & Procedures

Current info for Graduate Students about electronic theses and dissertations.

Graduate School ETD Policies

Graduate School ETD policies can be found online in the Graduate Catalog

Graduate School ETD Dates and Deadlines

Graduate School dates and deadlines for ETD submission are available on the Graduate School website.

ETD Submission Checklist

  1. One PDF/A-1b file named according to the convention specified in the submission procedures above
  2. A separate file with a) Copyright letters of permission, fair use determination, and/or public domain statement, whatever is appropriate b) IRB approval memo(s) if appropriate
  3. Separate media files (audio and video)

ETD Submission Procedures

Gather all the files that comprise the ETD.

Naming the file(s): You MUST name your file(s) with these 3 elements:
            Document type: T or D for a Thesis or Dissertation
            Year of defense

        The generic file name format is <Last name>_<first (and) middle initials>_T or D_<yyyy of defense>
        Doe_JA_T_2008 is an example of a Masters student named Jane Anne Doe who defended her thesis in 2008.
        If you have more than one PDF file or additional multimedia files, number them sequentially (e.g., f1, f2, f3, etc.)

Go to the ETD submission website.
        Login with your Virginia Tech PID and password.
        The Graduate School will send an email with instructions if changes are needed.
        After your ETD is approved, you and your committee will receive email notification from the Graduate School.
        Your ETD will be accessible to the community you stipulated.

Go to the Submission tab for additional help regarding submitting your ETD. 
Please email questions about submissions to the Graduate School:

ETD Access Status Options

The Graduate School provides three access statuses that you may choose from for the release of your ETD:

1. Provide open and immediate access to the ETD

2. Restrict access to the ETD for Virginia Tech only for a period of 1 year

3. Withhold all access to the ETD for the period of 1 year

You will select the access status when you upload your ETD and submit it to the Graduate School. Requests to extend withholding beyond the 1 year period require approval from the Graduate School Dean.

Good Practices for ETDs and Accompanying Files