Becoming a Professional I: Selecting

Core databases

There are three primary databases that index journals that relate specifically to Veterinary Medicine:

You can also use the Veterinary Medicine subject guide.  This lists out some of the key databases for veterinary medicine (some of which are also listed on this page) as well as some specific resources for each of the tracks of the program.

Additional databases

There are a number of other databases index journals that relate to other disciplines that also impact Veterinary Medicine (e.g. biology, agriculture, bacteria, etc.).  This is not a comprehensive list, but provided to demonstrate how some of these may also be relevant to your particular research area.

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Databases by publisher

The following items will search a particular publisher's content (rather than a specific discipline).  There are three primary science-based publishers that we provide online access to book and journal content:

Additional Resources

Utilize the Vet Med Library's resources and services through the Vet Med Library website:

You can find recommendations to resources at the Vet Med subject guide: