Publicly Accessible Resources: Open Materials

Items listed on this guide are openly accessible and without cost (although no-cost registration may be required for some resources).

Open courseware

California Learning Resource Network

California Learning Resource Network

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Saylor Academy

Open source software

Presentation, spreadsheet, and word processing

Open Office

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Libre Office


Computer code libraries

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Primary Source Sets

Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) Primary Source Sets

Free databases

Digital libraries and repositories

Directory of Open Access Repositories - OpenDOAR

Registry of Open Access Repositories

Smithsonian Institution Digital Library

Perseus Digital Library (Greco-Roman literature, culture etc.)




AGRICOLA serves as the public catalog of the National Agricultural Library. It contains records for all of the holdings of the Library. It also contains citations to articles, much like PubAg. AGRICOLA also contains citations to many items that, while valuable and relevant to the agricultural sciences, are not peer-reviewed journal articles. Also, AGRICOLA has a different interface. So, while there is some overlap between the two resources, they are different in significant ways.

BioMed Central

Hindawi Open Access Journals