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Design of Play: Art & Architecture Library Resources

Resources related to the research and design of play in support of the Bachelor of Architecture Foundation Labs.

This Research Guide supports research towards the Naef Toy Design Competition in the School of Architecture and Design. The competition requires: 

  • Game or design object not to exceed 30cm X 25cm X 15 cm
  • Suitable for ages 0-99 (baby toys acceptable)
  • No furniture, lamps, household items, etc.
  • Made of wood (preferred)
  • All items must meet U.S. safety standards
  • Familiarize with Naef products and other existing toy designs to ensure that a similar design or concept does not already exis

Learn more about Naef on their website.


Books on Toy Design in the Art & Architecture Library
Children's Books


The Art & Architecture Library maintains a small collections of children's books related to art and design. These books could serve as research tools to understand children's interests and expose concepts worth exploring. A larger collection, including award-winning children's books is available at Newman Library.

You can search the children's book collection here or browse in the library in the call number range PZ7-PZ8.

Design Resources


The databases below are good places to start your research on toy design. To view a full list of design-related databases click here.  

Psychology Resources


The database below is one of many psychology-related databases at Virginia Tech. See the full list here

Historical Resources


The database below is one of many history-related databases at Virginia Tech. See the full list here