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Digital Preservation: Resources


Guidelines & Handbooks

Digital Curation Centre's Resources for Digital Curators

Digital Preservation Coalition's Digital Preservation Handbook

ICPSR's Digital Preservation Policies and Planning

Levels of Digital Preservation by the NDSA

Library of Congress Digital Preservation Initiatives list

Library of Congress Recommended Formats Statement 2018-2019

Library of Congress Personal Archiving

National Digital Stewardship Alliance Glossary

National Institute of Standards and Technology Tips (March 2016)

North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. (September 10, 2012). "File Format Guidelines for Management and Long-Term Retention of Electronic Records." State Archives of North Carolina. Presentation slides. Web.

PREMIS Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata. Version 2.0. March 2008.

POWRR Tool Grid

Sustainability of Digital Formats: Planning for Library of Congress Collections

Wikipedia List of Digital Preservation Initiatives


International Study on the Impact of Copyright Law on Digital Preservation. July 2008. A joint report of The Library of Congress National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program, The Joint Information Systems Committee, The Open Access to Knowledge (OAK) Law Project, and the SURFfoundation.

Rieger, O. Y. (2018, October 29). The State of Digital Preservation in 2018: A Snapshot of Challenges and Gaps.

The InterPARES PRoject. (2001). The Long-Terms Preservation of Authentic Electronic Records: The Findings of the InterPARES Project.

Essays, Papers, & Articles

Arms, Caroline and Fleischhauer, Carol (2005). "Digital Formats: Factors for Sustainability, Functionality and Quality." Paper presented at IS&T Archiving 2005 Conference, Washington, DC. Available here.

Caplan, P. (2004, Nov.) How to build your own dark archive (in your spare time). Available here.

Council on Library and Information Resources. (May 2000). Authenticity in a Digital Environment. Available here.

Council on Library and Information Resources. (July 2002). The State of Digital Preservation: An International Perspective. Conference proceedings. Available here.

Kirschenbaum, M. (March 10, 2012). "Digital Magic: Preservation for a New Era." The Chronicle of Higher Education. Web. Available here.

Lavoie, B. (2000). Meeting the challenges of digital preservation: The OAIS reference model. OCLC Newsletter, No. 243:26-30. Available here.

Lavoie, B. and Dempsey, L. (2004). "Thirteen Ways of Looking at...Digital Preservation." D-Lib Magazine, 10:2/8. Web. Available here.

Rosenthal, D., Robertson, T., Lipkis, T., Reich, V., and Morabito, S. (November 2005). "Requirements for Digital Preservation Systems." D-Lib Magazine, 11:11. Web. Available here.

Ross, S. & McHugh, A. (2006, Nov. 27). Preservation pressure points: Evaluating evidence for risk management. (A paper presented at iPRES 2006, 8-10 October 2006, New York, USA). Available here.

CURATE! The Digital Curator Game

McCadden, Katie, Schreibmann, Susan, Edmond, Jennifer, Fernie, Kate, & Usher, Carol. (2012, April). CURATE! The Digital Curator Game. Zenodo.

"The CURATE game is designed to be used as an exercise that prompts players to put themselves into digital project scenarios in order to address issues and challenges that arise when institutions engage with digital curation and preservation."