Discovery Search: Exporting citations

A guide to using VT Libraries' Discovery Search.

Options for adding items

When exporting items to citation managers or emailing items to yourself, you can either export each item individually or save multiple items and export them as a group. Note that when you export items, you're only exporting the publication information, not the item's full text. For more details on exporting items to citation managers, including how to export the full text when available, visit our Citation Managers guide. 

Exporting individual items

To add items individually, click on the three dots in the upper right of the record: 

Right corner of individual record with three dots menu highlighted

Clicking on this this icon will bring up a box with options to create a citation that you can copy and paste into a document or the option to send the item to a citation manager. Choose "EndNote" to send to EndNote, and "Export RIS" for Mendeley, Zotero, or other citation managers. 

Export options

If you select "Export RIS," you'll see a drop-down menu for "Encoding," but you do not need to select anything in order to download the file. 

You'll be provided with a download that you can open to add to your citation manager. 

Exporting items in a folder

To export multiple items at once, first click the numbered box to the top left of the record for as many items as you'd like to export: 

Multiple items selected

When you're ready to export, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the results list and then select either "Export RIS" or "EndNote: 

Menu to export multiple items

You'll be provided with a download that you can open to add to your citation manager. 

You can also select all results on a page by clicking the box to the upper left of the results list: 

Select all on page

You could also select the first 50 results by clicking on the orange button. Once you've selected your records, click on the three dots to see options for exporting: 

Menu to export multiple records