Fair Use Week: Contest

An event celebrating the important doctrines of fair use in the United States and fair dealing in Canada and elsewhere.

Contest Overview


Congratulations to Our Fair Use Week Contest Awardees!

Awards presented at the April 5, 2017 Showcase and Awards Reception



1st Prize - Dien Vo

Instructor in the School of Performing Arts, Cinema; Writer, Director, and Editor

Film demonstrating fair use of copyrighted materials: This film, which is currently in progress as it is under fair use legal review with Smith Dehn LLC, is a feature film following the lives of three couples in their search for connection, meaning and happiness in the modern world. Uniquely combining a surreal narrative with hundreds of clips of found footage (justified as critique, remix, and parody), the film takes viewers on a journey through the sights and sounds of consumerism, advertising, and self-help culture. The result is a highly innovative film blending fiction and documentary while pushing the limits of fair use. My film is submitted as a "Fair Use example.” The use of the hundreds of clips of found footage is done as remix and parody. Segments used are short excerpts, and would not damage potential earnings of the original copyright holders. There are three scenes out of the 50 in this in-progress film where I am still perfecting fair use of materials. I think my film tests the creative and legal limits of fair use, and does so in an original, creative, and critical way.


2nd Prize - Sreyoshi Bhaduri

Ph.D. candidate, Engineering Education, design and development

Infographic about Fair Use: This infographic is to help graduate students realize the importance of fair use in their research, teaching, and scholarship. I touch upon three main questions pertaining to a graduate education setting: (1) What is fair use? (2) Why do we need it? (3) How can we apply it? The infographic may also help connect students with some resources available to help them in their research or teaching.


Honorable Mention - Jennifer Yang

Undergraduate in Animal and Poultry Sciences, producer and musician

Audio submission exploring Fair Use of a musical work: This audio track explores possible fair use of a musical work and the submitted description considers how fair use may be applied regarding musical performances. I aspire to continue working on covers, and to share my covers to inspire others to do the same.  


Contest: Share your Fair Use stories, or create something to teach others! Create something to inform or engage others in thinking about Fair Use, or submit an example of how you’ve benefited from Fair Use along with your Fair Use analysis. Contest Guidelines and Entry Form.

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1st prize: $100 Amazon gift card

2nd prize: $75 Amazon gift card

3rd prize: $50 Amazon gift card

EligibilityOpen to current VT students, faculty, and staff.


Get assistance in developing your submission: 

  • Explore Resources to learn more about U.S. Copyrights, Fair Use, and conducting a Fair Use Analysis
  • Attend a submission development workshop (15-20 minutes). Discuss your ideas and get support in developing a Fair Use Week Contest submission.
  • Email us with questions: fairuseweek-g@vt.edu
  • Read more about contest guidelines and examples of fair use educational resources - below on this page.

Submission Guidelines and How to Enter

Submit your entry by 11:59 p.m. on March 13, 2017 by (1) filling out the submission form (below) and (2) emailing your submission file to fairuseweek-g@vt.edu

Each submission should:

Address the concept of Fair Use (including the 4 factors). 

Address one or both of 2 categories:

  • An educational, informational, or reflective piece (a story, an infographic, blog post content, art piece)
  • An example of how you've used Fair Use of copyrighted material accompanied by a Fair Use analysis that takes into consideration all 4 fair use factors

Include citations of any source works referenced or used to create the submission. 

Awards and Contest Showcase

All submissions will be eligible to be included in a contest showcase and reception 4:30-6:30pm, April 5, 2017. Prizes will be awarded by a contest judging panel following the submission deadline of 11:59pm, March 13, 2017. Prizes will be announced at the contest showcase, and for awardees not able to attend, they will also be notified by email included in their submission form.

Prize Evaluation Criteria

Submissions must meet contest Submission Requirements. A panel of judges will evaluate entries based on the submission requirements and the following characteristics:

  • Addresses or is a demonstration of Fair Use
  • Citation of any sources used in the submission
  • Originality / Creativity
  • Effectiveness / Clarity of communication

Examples of Fair Use Informational Materials

Submission Form